Sculptural work

I make ceramic sculptures that are mainly group images of stylized human figures and animals. Moreover, I am fascinated by the subtle equilibrium between light and shadow.



Animals (especially owls and cats) and flowers are a fascinating source of inspiration. I like to display them in a stylized and simplified way. The flowers I create are an abstraction of shapes, rather than a mere imitation of nature.


Tea & Coffee

The tea bowls and coffee cups are all handmade. They should immediately feel good in the hand. The chawan is a tea bowl that is used in Japanese tea ceremonies. The teapots I make are mainly used as a decorative object.


Bowls & Vases

Bowls and vases might look simple but that makes it interesting to make them. I build them by hand. For bowls I prefer a structured exterior surface. For the vases I find mainly inspiration in natural shapes.


Light Objects

The light objects are made out of paper porcelain clay and are given the structure of crumpled paper. For the tea light holders I prefer to play with structure and colour.